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Fishing Report & What’s New at Lake of the Woods Lodge

Feb 18/07
Wireless Internet has been installed and will be available for the 2007 season! All you need to bring is your laptop with WiFi.

Feb. 1/07

Hope you enjoy the new 2007 site layout.

Nov 3/06
Here’s Hank with the camps biggest buck of the year. 9 long points dressed weight of 225 lbs.

The guys from South Carolina did a great job bringing in some nice bucks as well.

Sept 20/2006
(This report was written by Dave Balzer of the Random Lure Company. Makers of some very unique Musky lures.)

“My first time at the "Lodge" and Lake of the Woods was one I'll never forget. July of 06 my bride of ten years and two children ages 7 & 9 took a trip 12 hours north that we will continue to take for years to come.
 Being limited to the amount of fishing you can do with two young kids, I made the most of it.
In probably no more than 6 hours on the water, over the course of three days, we seen up-words of TEN musky. (none looked under 40 inches) Oh yeah I caught my first mid 40's musky. What a trip!

 Two months later I made the journey once again, this time with the boys, and we were going to pound. For five days we hit the water to the best of our ability. With the steady strong east winds we found 9 musky. We really had to work to find them this time but we found them.
 The last night of our stay things picked up for us and the winds switched from the south. I had one follow to the boat and as soon as she got to the boat, she did a 180 degree turn and I thought the beast was gone for good. The very next cast out of the other side of the boat my buddy had a slightly smaller follow and it took off as well. Then one more cast to where I had my follow, low and behold the water just exploded and I felt my top water lure go for the biggest ride ever. She was a beautiful girl just shy of 50 inches with about a 6 inch back.

 Two trips to Canada and two of the most exhilarating feelings I've ever had. Oh yeah, I'll be back. I don't think I'd need to keep finding these big fish every time I go but it does help.
 The gang at the "Lodge" are the greatest and really know how to keep the guests happy.

Thanks a bunch guys and we will see ya soon , Dave from the RANDOMLURECOMPANY.COM”

Sept 15/2006
(This report is written by Dick Faurot of Tulsa OK. Honesty speaks for itself. Thanks Dick!)

“For those of you wanting to know how our recent trip to Canada went. To coin a phrase, It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Ok, so I am not the first to write that. A better way to put it is that the conditions were the best we have ever had for fishing and the absolute worst we have ever had for catching. This past summer was the warmest on record up there and we got there the day after their strongest cold front so far this fall. Clear, cold nights followed by bright, sunny, warm days with hardly a cloud in the sky. Two straight days with an east wind followed by several days of light and variable winds; I have never seen the big water on the lake so calm before. Also, the drought has the lake about 3' low and we were there immediately following a full
moon. I know, I know.....poor scheduling on my part.

As you can tell by the photos, in spite of all that we still managed to catch some nice fish. We even made the portage into Whitefish Bay one day where I caught my biggest northern at 33" and we caught some other nice fish and of course missed some nice ones. Our last day was into the private 400 acre lake where Kevin and I were going to concentrate on the big smallies that are in there. Wouldn't you know that we caught more northerns there than anywhere else and Kevin bested my big one by catching two 34's. We also set personal records with our biggest smallmouth, Kevin's was a 3-15 and mine was a 4-1 with another one just a few ounces smaller. We also caught lots of nice largemouth bass.

The other guys that were with us had never been to Canada before and wouldn't you know that one of them caught a 40" muskie and another one had a big fish break his line, right in front of the camp.

Another group of guys (*) from Minnesota or somewhere caught a 48" muskie right in front of the camp and Kevin had a huge follow there. As usual we had quite a few follows, but no takers. I did manage to catch my two smallest muskies, one of about 20" and another in the mid 20's. Oh well, there is always next year.

As usual, Ruth and Scott Hurst (Lake of the Woods Lodge, Nestor Falls, Ontario) were excellent hosts and and I think we all managed to put on a few pounds.

Already starting to plan next year!


(*)(The other group of guys that were in camp were actually from Wisconsin - Dave from the Random Lure Co. and his buddies.)

Hank's Buck Nov. 3 2006 Great Deer Hunt at Lake of the Woods Lodge
The hunters from South Carolina had a great Whitetail Hunt at Lake of the Woods Lodge
Random Lure Co.

Random Lure Co. sample

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